About us

Tutuapp team

Hello and warm welcome to Tutu App S!

As you may already know, Tutuapp is a 3rd party app store for Android & iOS devices. As Tutuapp doesn’t comes pre-installed in any device like App Store & Play Store do, we have created this website to make it easier for everyone to install Tutuapp.

Thanks to supporting users base, Tutuapp is growing day by day and we think it is extremely important to make Tutuapp download available for everyone, everywhere! That’s why we have taken many steps to ensure Tutuapp can be easily downloaded by any browser & device. With our global servers, our website is easily accessible from all locations so our users can enjoy fast & smooth download.

We tried our best to explain with detailed steps & pictures how you can download & install Tutuapp on your Android/iOS. Our mission is to make getting Tutuapp as easy as possible, even for users with less experience installing third-party apps.

If you have any questions regarding Tutuapp or this website, feel free to contact us.